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Past sessions:

14 NOV 2012   Anca Trandafirescu, Norman Coates - Surrounded by light

09 OCT 2012   Brian Kubecki - Evolving design tools for creativity and communication

06 JUN 2012   Steve Harberger - The future isn't what it used to be – or is it?

22 May 2012   Larry Friedlander, Gerald Freedman, Harold Tedford, Robert Beseda - Zooming from the Globe to Winston-Salem

27 MAR 2012   Phil Harrison - Experimental air-racer education program

20 FEB 2012   CJMW Architecture - The design of CDI's future facility

07 FEB 2012   George Smart of Triangle Modernist Houses - Mayberry modernism: North Carolina's modernist legacy

06 DEC 2011   Mike Ananny of Microsoft Research, Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society, and Harvard Law School - Participatory design, large-scale projections, "newsware" and the public right to hear

16 NOV 2011   Collaborators in Winston-Salem's emerging Community Design Studio - Introducing community design

07 OCT 2011   Michael Rappa of NC State University's Institute for Advanced Analytics - Surviving and thriving in the new data reality

06 SEP 2011    Dieter Breithecker of the Institute for Posture and Mobilisation Support - Design meets functionality

19 APR 2011   The interpretive and communicative power of illustration

15 MAR 2011   3D modeling for animation, medical imaging and industrial design

15 FEB 2011   Students' views - City skylines, King Kong, Disney ImagiNations and more

18 JAN 2011   Nickolay Hristov, Scott Betz, Louise Allen and other enthusiasts - Art/science collaborations and technologies for community development via biking

21 DEC 2010   Will & Deni McIntyre and other area "light writers" - Comparing images to explore photographers' uses of light and lighting

16 NOV 2010   DATS'10 revisited - StoryLine's Creative Couples, Salem College's multimedia collage of creative works by regional students and professionals, the United Nations concept of Food Security and designing for availability, access, utilization and stability

APR 2010

27  Aaron Notestine - A student’s view of SIGGRAPH, Sony, DreamWorks and the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archives
20  Michael Swantek - Filming a large corporation’s move toward "green" for RiverRun's "So Right So Smart"

13  [Phil Hedrick] - Small, green and beautiful: Variations on the one-room house
06  Margaret Collins, Thomas Tucker, Andrew Young - Triad Design Consortium serious games

MAR 2010
30  Eric Hirsh - Techniques for understanding and re-creating how musicians perform
23  Ben Watson - On the increasing importance of design in visualization
16  Jay Dunbar, Eric Jackson - Principles of permaculture design for microfarming and urban sustainability
09  Brad Bennett, Sadie Caplan, Tony Cooler - A “boot camp” for digital marketing skills and methods
02  Judi Lawson Wallace, Matthew Burczyk - Designing a walk- and bike-friendly community

FEB 2010
23  Margaret Collins, Carol Strohecker, Leslie Winner - Creativity iNC: A forum of NC State University’s Institute for Emerging Issues
16  Frank Harmon - Designing the built environment so as to leave to future generations a better place than we received
09  Nadja Rauber-Moe - A template for iPhone app development and distribution
02  Kay Endriss - The Institute for the Future's report on "learning agents and disruptive innovation"

JAN 2010
26  Marian Bell, Herb Burns, Margaret Collins, [Ken Mayer], Carol Strohecker, [Elliot Strunk] - Promoting regional visibility and economic development through the Triad Design Leadershop
19  Loren Little, Clive Muir, Margaret Norfleet Neff, Salem Norfleet Neff - Designing nudges for the health of our community
12  Scott Wierman, Jean Irvin, Doris Paez, Jim DeCristo - Community indicators as elements for creating Forsyth’s futures

DEC 2009
15  Kim Thore, Jon Epstein - Developing our community’s creative potential through a diverse music scene
08  Michael Meyer - DIY engineering for “animatronic” puppet characters
01  [Michelle Brasseur] - A curriculum for video game design and animation based on Scratch software

NOV 2009
17  Ken Bloom, Jack Dent, Joe Thrift, Steve Wishnevski, Bill Kerr, Jason Romney, Keith Wilson - Aesthetic and technical considerations in making musical instruments
10  Dorothy Bethea, Elizabeth Fain - Techniques for innovative virtual rehab and games promoting health care and wellbeing
03  Bob Bradley - An NCAA-like model for engaged scholarship based on college students’ creations with digital media

OCT 2009
27  Corey Bruse - Techniques for 3D modeling and rapid prototyping
20  Michael Tiemann - The participant listener
13  Carol Strohecker - Eames, Morrison, “Powers of 10” and the power of scaling and scoping in visual communications
06  Mike Wakeford and collaborators - ARTStem: Teaching and learning at the intersection of the arts and STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering an math)

SEP 2009
29  Jason Romney, Jennifer Burg - Linking science, art and practice through digital sound
22  Nickolay Hristov - Techniques for motion data capture and analysis using thermal imaging and high-speed videography

JUN 2009
02  Alastair Somerville - 3D printing and other techniques for tactile design

MAY 2009
26  Richard Serge - Designing “For Youth International” to help teens develop advanced life skills, make informed decisions and become productive adults
19  Margaret Collins - Educational initiatives and a strategic plan for developing creative enterprises and the arts in the Piedmont Triad
12  Jinghua Zhang - Social networking environments
05  Thomas Tucker, Ryan Gilliam - Game design and implementation with Maya and Torque

APR 2009
28  Gail Fisher - Building social capital in Winston-Salem through StoryLine
21  Jim Toole - Design principles for sustainable healthcare
14  Daniel McKinney - Foundations for a public space age and other transformational movements
07  Wildfire - Exchanges leading to a logo for the Center for Design Innovation

MAR 2009
31  Thor Mirchandani - Open source strategies for development of software and other designed things
24  John Balestrieri - Artfully, economically designed imagery and sound for an online ‘serious’ game
17  Leslie Boney - Innovation iNC
10  Rachel Cohn - Translating manuscript to book to film for “Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist”
03  Elizabeth Dull, Margaret Collins, Jim DeCristo, Amy Purcell, Carol Strohecker - A preview of the regional Design, Art & Technology Symposium

FEB 2009
24  Brian Middleton - Animal Kingdom Lodge: An inside look at the design collaborations of Walt Disney Imagineering
17  Dwedor Morais Ford, Tarina Whitfield - Translating course content for online participation
10  Thomas Tucker - Strategies for 3D animation and visualization
03  Jason Romney, Jennifer Burg - Linking science, art and practice through digital sound

JAN 2009
27  Falcon - Business models supporting creation and dissemination of photographic images with vibrancy, angularity, intensity of detail and emotional impact
20  Keith Hobgood - Coordinating eye, hand and machine for animated imagery
13  Betsy Gatewood - Creating learning opportunities and partnerships to promote entrepreneurship
06  Elizabeth Carlson, Richard Emmett - Music and technology: Spurring innovation by creating new relationships among composers, performers, and participatory audiences

DEC 2008
16  Scott Betz - Learning about design by creating an art park at Goler Heights, leveraging entrepreneurship to celebrate community pride
09  Carol Strohecker [Thomas Tucker] - ICEC 2008: The 7th International Conference on Entertainment Computing
02  Dale Pollock - Where is animation going?

NOV 2008
18  Michael Lord - Economic triggers of cultural change in China’s evolving society
11  Clive Muir - Considering “taste” by thinking critically about chocolate
04  Richard Phillips, Carol Strohecker, Wildfire “creatives” Election coverage through graphics and information design

OCT 2008
28  Josh Tan - Fright and delight with real-time 3D data visualization
21  Bill Mitchell - Mobility and public spaces in the smart city
14  George Scheer, Stephanie Sherman - Creative collaboration at Elsewhere
07  Herb Burns, Jonathan Crumpler, Paula Hindman - SIGGRAPH interactive techniques and emerging technologies

SEP 2008
30  Peter Marsh, Carol Strohecker - “Intelligent” environments that respond to purposeful interventions from individuals, groups and the surrounding culture
23  Keith Hobgood - Animating Out of Our Minds
16  Ben Watson - Innovating design graphics
09  Jane Detter, Rence Callahan, Sharif Bey, Syed Ahmad - Pecha Kucha fast-paced, informative, sometimes irreverent design presentations in under seven minutes
02  Scott Betz, Herb Burns, Jim DeCristo, Joe Lopina, Forrest McFeeters, Antionette Moore - Creativity and self-expression through Scratch visual programming

MAY 2008
29  Michiel VanderSommen - Working with rather than against physics to make self-sufficient buildings
27  Tony McGee - StokesCORE: Designing local food systems for regional economic development
22  Rebecca Fuller, Bill Watkins - Designing and fabricating tactile models
20  Andrew Young - Making better online games though art and design
15  Michael Rothkopf - Creating interactive music
13  Maggie Orth - Electronic fabrics and new potentials for the textile industry
08  Donna Juselis - Rainwater harvesting: A “green” solution for drought, from a design team at the State Energy Office
06  Joe Paradiso - Designing responsive environments and “signal-friendly” buildings
01  Michael Pulitzer - Getting ready for DTV (digital television)

APR 2008
29  Matt Barr, Cornelia Barr, David Williams - Unheard voices in the Triad’s diminishing furniture industry
24  Joe Lopina, Carol Strohecker - Bridging the global digital divide through the $100 Laptop’s educational agenda
22  Son-Rah and the Healing Force - Learning through storytelling and music
17  Kevin Watson, Sheryl Monks - The birth of a small press and how it energized our community while startling the literary world
10  Jeff McFadden - Design and intellectual property law
03  Ed Finn - China: From offshore to the shore?

MAR 2008
20  Notis Pagiavlas - Translating creativity for business start-up and practice
13  Hoyle Koontz - Photosynth: Image interaction with a Triad focus
06  Dwedor Morais Ford - Memoir writing to explore persona and generate a resume

FEB 2008
28  Margaret Mertz, Jim DeCristo, Amy Purcell, Elizabeth Dull, Carol Strohecker - Growing a regional symposium to celebrate creative inspiration and practice
21  Sophie Mihalko - Interactive presentation strategies for responding to audiences’ interests in real time
14  Elliot Strunk - Design grants for community consciousness
07  Faye Foster - Sculpture, poetry of memory

JAN 2008
31  Jan Detter, Jane Doub - The deep legacy of craft in the Piedmont Triad
24  Josh Tan - Medical imaging from 3D visualization and modeling to rapid prototyping
17  Mary Jamis, Marlon Hubbard, Joy Hyland - Representing human diversity in visual media
10  Carol Strohecker - Designing so others can design

DEC 2007
13  Johannes Knesl - Convivial, innovative working and living at the regional scale
06  Dwayne Godwin - Seeing with the mind's eye

NOV 2007
29  Marty Marion, Anne Tambling - Green building design
15  Margie and John Antoine Labadie - Evolving digital fine art
08  Jim DeCristo, [John Kovalich] - Having a plan makes small businesses big
01  Natalia Romero - Developing a methodology for working with diverse source materials in fashion design

OCT 2007
25  Robert Bradley, Bob King - How a ballad moved from poem to song to economic development project
18  Debbie Dineen - Basic finance for small businesses
11  Eleanor Russell - Do our educational systems encourage cheating?
04  Sarah Kuhn - Recollections of an internship at the Eames studio

SEP 2007
27  Lucie Yang - Visualizing the effects of caffeine on the brain
20  Glenn Johnson - Designing airplane interiors

JUN 2007
28  Patricia Pence-Sokoloff, Bill Dean - Water as an urban design element in downtown Winston-Salem
21  Scott Betz - Creativity and Cognition conference, Washington DC
14  Lynn Book - Community activation through creative processes
07  Michael Lord - Chinnovation

MAY 2007
31  Jennifer Gentry - Medical illustration
24  Karl Rodabaugh - Quick turnaround strategies for enhancing the educational level of the Piedmont Triad's workforce
17  Hoyle Koontz - Making 360 degree photographic images
10  Jed Macosko - Life of the cell
03  Carol Strohecker [Tammy Webster] - Segmenting and personifying WalMart's customer base

APR 2007
26  Jon Babek - Balancing teamwork and individual contribution in designing high-performance mechanical systems
19  Dwayne Godwin, Bill Conner - Biomimetics
12  Gillean Dickey - Building a brand from the inside out
05  Peter Marsh, Carol Strohecker - Reflecting grass-roots design development in the Piedmont Triad

MAR 2007
29  Peter Perret - Mind and music
22  Leo Morrissey - Digital design and public sculpture
15  Joe Lopina - Social and political implications of thinking and learning styles
08  Carol Strohecker - TexTales public fora with large-scale projections of photos and dynamic SMS captions
01  Jason Romney, Jennifer Burg - International Digital Media and Arts Association conference

FEB 2007
22  Josh Tan, Charles McClennahan - Visualizing medical conditions
15  Christia Thomason, Leslie Kamtman - Innovating iPods
08  Carol Strohecker - Nature Trailer and Amble Time location-sensitive travel guides

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