Tow trucks are often seen on one side of the road, helping people and other vehicles move from one point to other. But with their essential service, they can also cause serious harm when they are involved in accidents. Due to their sheer size, tow truck drivers often find it difficult to see vehicles that are lower to them and take longer to stop when breaks are applied. Also, their size puts people at a higher risk of fatal injuries, even with minor accidents.

Hence, when there is a tow truck accident, it is essential to understand the tow truck accident laws or hire attorneys to help you with the necessary details.

Tow truck accidents can take place due to the following reasons:

◉ Improper loading

◉ Fatigued driver

◉ Driver negligence like speeding, distracted driving, and driving under the influence

◉ Failure of routine repair and maintenance

◉ Defective components or parts of the truck

Legal options for tow truck accident victims

Tow truck accidents are mostly fatal, simply due to their large size, and the passenger occupants suffer devastating injuries when they collide with a tow truck. If the truck driver or the teuk manufacturer, or the company was at fault, the injured or their family could gain compensation for the following:

◉ Compensation for non-economic forms like loss of enjoyment, pain, and suffering

◉ Lost wages

◉ Medical expenses

◉ The pocket costs

When a trucking company fails to maintain its vehicles, they are directly liable for the accident. However, they can still be liable for compensation, even when they are not responsible for the accident. Most states also apply for comparative negligence of the driver, and they have to pay 70% of the compensation if the victim was also at fault.

Statute of limitations

Statute of limitations

Most personal injury cases are generally governed by the statute of limitations, which defines the terms and duration of filing a lawsuit. However, a court can also dismiss a personal injury case if they violate the statute of limitation, even if they have substantive metrics. Hence, it is recommended that the injured or their family members get in touch with a personal injury lawyer immediately after an accident occurs.

Some of the liabilities during tow truck accidents include:

◉ Tire marks on the road

◉ Speed of the truck at the time of the accident

◉ Woking hours of the tow truck drivers

◉ The condition and maintenance of the truck

◉ Medications of the truck driver

◉ Adjusting side mirrors before and after the accident

Since tow truck accident injuries can be fatal, it is always best to get hold of the insurance companies and hospitals for medical expenses. Most injuries include:

◉ Broken bones or body parts.

◉ Spine and brain injuries.

◉ TBI and mTBI injuries.

◉ Others.

During such accidents, it is best to hire attorneys who specialize in tow truck accidents and are from bigger firms to fight for a cause and defend the families of the injured.

What you Should Know About Tow Truck Accident Laws

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